Welcome to the ISO Archive InterOperability system (IAIO). This system allows ISO users to have direct access to the content of the ISO database without invoking the ISO user interface applet.

A set of files for a given observation as well as individual products or customized sets of individual products can be retrieved either via a server socket (run either in command-line mode or giving an ISO file as input), or
through a URL address.

The system may be used, for instance, to retrieve data from the ISO database through a batch script.

A User Manual is available, providing potential users with a general introduction on how to use the system. The manual includes several practical examples, that may be reproduced or adapted to the individual needs.

If you want to give the IAIO a try in the URL mode, you can click in the following example.

(The corresponding URL for above example is:


Should you find any problem, please contact us at the ISO Helpdesk.